Logistics support and road transport

Our Services

Customs Transit (D.T.A.)

FAXE Cargo is enabled by the current rules of the Federal Revenue Secretariat for TNTN - National Transit of National Transportation and has TRTA - Term of Responsibility for Customs Transit.

Cleared Load

We have personnel prepared for the physical and documentary conference of the merchandise, providing adequate fleet and fulfilling the requirements of the clients to finalize the deliveries of the goods.

Load with temperature control

FAXE Cargo has vehicles equipped for the transport of goods that require temperature control, being mainly focused on the pharmo-chemical sector, having a contracted pharmaceutical professional that is responsible for the Technical Responsibility with ANVISA.


We have our own fleet and we have a network of more than 50 agents located in all capitals and major cities of Brazil to better meet the demands and needs of customers.

Cross-Docking (Storage in-Transit)

It is a structure located at the company's headquarters in Guarulhos, 15 minutes from the international airport of São Paulo, used for temporary storage of imported products and biological export samples, awaiting administrative procedures for logistic completion.

Transport of biological samples

Safe transport of biological substances from clinical studies or for laboratory analysis in compliance with WHO / UN / ANVISA biosafety rules (UN3373, UN2814 and UN2900 and UN3291).