Experience and Innovation

FAXE Cargo identifies the needs of its clients and the market, attending in order to continuously offer services that exceed their expectations with differentiated solutions and specialized team.

Monitoring of entire transport

Traceability of the whole process, allowing to follow the whole transfer of the cargo in real time, and thus achieving punctuality in deliveries

Time Optimization and Operation Adjustments

Selection of the best route and applicable modalities for faster deliveries

Specialized Operational Team

Specialized professionals, trained and constantly updated in order to improve the operations with specialty in the customs procedures, associated with the latest technology.

Risk management

Careful analysis of potential risks involving the operation. We have insurance policy, including to cover claims of high value added cargo, fleet tracked and monitored by specialized company and escort when applicable.

Adaptability to customer needs

With a diversified fleet and specialized team, we are able to meet the peculiarities inherent in the different logistics operations of our clients.