Certificates and Licenses to Ensure Compliance

Comprehensive Logistics (Regulatory)

Liability and Compliance


Contracted pharmaceutical professional is responsible for the company towards ANVISA. Biosafety in the transport of biological samples from clinical studies and / or laboratory analysis

ANVISA and Special Licenses

Special Licenses

ANVISA licenses - Transportation of medicines and related products, health products, cosmetics, food, sanitizers, packaging, sanitary varnishes
Special Licenses - Transports subject to control of the Civil Police, Federal Police, Army, IBAMA
Qualification for TNTA (National Transportation of Customs Transit) and TRTA (Term of Responsibility for Customs Transit)

Special coverages


RCTR-C insurance policy Civil liability of the Road Transport Carrier: coverage for accidents due to collision, overturning, collision and overturning
RCF-DC Insurance Policy Road Transport Operator's Optional Liability - Deviation from Cargo: covers losses in the event of theft or loss of cargo

Ensure full secrecy of information


The contracts signed with FAXE Cargo have a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT which deals with the non-disclosure of non-public information regarding: research and development programs, goods, exporters / importers, operational and support capacities, financial information